$129,500 USD

1968 Beech Duke 60, 2356TTSN, LE/RE: 313 SFRM, LP/RP: 155 SPOH, Autopilot Installations, Beech M4C With Altitude Controller, Auto Trim and ILS-Omni Coupler, With Deice, & So Much More!

Total Time2356
Engine 1 Overhaul313 SFRM
Engine 1 Overhaul313 SFRM
Prop 1 Overhaul Time155 SPOH
Prop 2 Overhaul Time155 SPOH
Flight RulesN/A
Experimental / HomebuiltNo
Light SportNo
Avionics: Intercom, David Clark Model 500 6-place Shark II ELT Collins 618M-1 -- Com 1 Collins 618M-1 -- Com 2 Collins 51R-8A VOR/LOC Omni 1 Collins 51R-8A VOR/LOC Omni 2 Collins ADF King KT76A Transponder King KDM705A RT DME Bendix RDR150 Color Weather Radar Pilot T includes HSI and RMI indicators Co-Pilot T includes slaved dual-Omni indicators Special Equipment: Cabin Fire Extinguisher Wing Ice Light Flight Hour Recorder, Beech 60-324074-3 Hobbs Recorder Dual Electric Tachometer/with Synchroscope, Beech 60-324077 Two 125-Amp Generators, Lear Sieglaer 30060-04 Two General Electric Regulators CR2795B105A1 Propeller Deicer Goodrich Electro-Thermal 3-blad, Beech 96-960018-1 Wing and Empennage Surface Deicers, Beech 60-970011 Autopilot Installations, Beech M4C with altitude controller, auto trim and ILS-Omni Coupler, with Deice Propeller Unfeathering Accumulator Installation, Beech 96-960016 Co-Pilot Brakes, Beech 60-580000-3 Oxygen System, 48 cu.ft., Beech 60-560011-3/5 Air Conditioning Installation, Beech 60-555000 Windshield, Electrically Heated, Pilot Only, Beech 60-364035 Headrests for Pilot and Co-Pilot Seats, Beech 60-530060 Headrests for Rear Cabin Seats, Beech 60-530060 Altimeter, United Instruments Encoding P/N 5035p
Total Time: 2356 TT SNEW
Engine Times - 313 SFRM - R&L - 1989

Prop Times - 155 TSO - R&L - 1995

Options & Equipment:
Two Hartzell, Full Feather, Three-Blade Propeller Installation, Hartzell HC-F3R-2/C7479B-2R with C3273 Spinner
Two Propeller Governors, 60-389000-3

Fuel Pumps
a.     Boost Pumps, Beech 60-389010-1
b.     Two Engine-Driven Pumps, Beech 50-921560-17

Two Oil Radiators
c.     Harrison 8535849

Two Induction Air Filters, Beech 50-389070-15

Pressure Pumps
d.     Two Air Pumps, Airborne 424CW

Two Starters
e.     Lycoming 75700

Fuel Systems
f.      202 Gallons
g.     Shadin DigiFlo L-Twin Fuel Flow System

Main Wheel, Tire and Break Assemblies
a.     Two balanced assemblies. Beech 60-810000-13 consists of 60-8001-3 wheel, (60-8001-25 multiple disc brake) and Goodyear 6.5 x 8 8-ply tubeless tires.
b.     Cleveland STC conversion Kit P/N 199-73 rev B
Nose Wheel Assembly
c.     One 6.0 x 6 Wheel Assembly, Goodyear 9542294; with on e6.0 x 6 4-ply with tube

a.     One 24-volt Gill G640E Lead Acid

Voltage Regulator
b.     Two Beech 60-389017

Approved Flight Manual
Dual Heated Pitot and Airspeed Installation
6   Custom Paint - Glacier White w/ Green Stripes
Leading Edge Paint  Green

6 - Gray
Shoulder Harnesses w/Lap Belts

Left Hand Front Cabin  includes headrest
Right Hand Front Cabin  includes headrest
Left Hand Rear Cabin
Right Hand Rear Cabin
Second Owner
Last Annual - 2011
All Original Log Books - Yes
Always Hangared

General Characteristics:
Crew: one, pilot
Capacity: five passengers
Length: 33 ft 10 in (10.31 m)
Height: 12 ft 8 in (3.76 m)
Wing area: 212.9 ft2 (19.8 m2)
Empty weight: 4,100 lb (1,860 kg)
Loaded weight: 6,775 lb ( (3,073 kg)
Useful load: 2,675 lb (1,213 kg)
Max takeoff weight: 6,775 lb (B Model) (3,073 kg)
Powerplant: 2 Lycoming TIO-541-E1C4 turbocharged six-cylinder, horizontally opposed direct drive engines, 380 hp (285 kW) each

Never exceed speed: 235 kts (IAS) (270 mph (IAS))
Maximum speed: 248 kts (285 mph / 459 km/h)
Cruise speed: 239 kts (STP, 26,000', 75% power)
Stall speed: 76 kts (IAS) / 88 mph (IAS) Serials prior to P-486 without Kit 60-5023 (74 mph (IAS) / 85 mph (IAS) Serials P-486 and after or with Kit 60-5023 (VG kit))
Range: 1,020 miles with 45 min reserve (1,640 km)
Service ceiling: 30,000 ft (9,144 m)
Rate of climb: 1,600 ft/min (488 m/min)

Damage History:
Yes  Rear of flap - Replaced w/ New
General Condition:
This aircraft is in Good condition - Always hangared
Owner Notes:
Aircraft is located in OR.
(Specifications, performance, included equipment, after market STCs, Included STCd equipment, component times, damage history and condition subject to verification upon inspection)

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